The causes of leaky gut, and the best treatment

by Karen Brimeyer – Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Food is the fuel for the human body, and it is the source of all kind of vitamins and nutrition, to lead a normal life. But, the food goes through numerous stages, before it can be used as energy for doing various physiological functions, and the daily life activities.

There are a number of internal organ, which are present in the human body, which process the food in a way, such that it can be properly utilized. But, the food must come in proper contact with the organs, such that all the processing can be done properly. Some part of the food is digested within the mouth, while the other part is digested in the intestine. The intestine can be considered as a pipe, through which, food passes, such that the processing can be done at the appropriate locations, by various organs. It is how a normal digestive system works.

Digestive system and pipelines

The digestive system can, thus, be compared with the pipe analogy, where water can be compared with food, and the pipe, with the intestine. In case of pipe leakages, water can come out of the pipe and spill over, in areas, which are close to the pipe. Similar thing take place, when a person suffers from the leaky gut syndrome. In case of leaky gut, food items come out through holes in the intestine, and travels throughout the body, with the help of blood, considered as the liquid connective tissue. It is the basic idea of leaky gut.

The cause of the problem

But question might come in mind, why leaky gut takes place, when the intestine is made to transport food items and to function as a highway for the digestive system. The intestine is made in a way, such that it can absorb small amount of nutrition, which can further be used for other activities.

In case of persons, who are having a sensitive intestine, or are simply sensitive, the intestine releases a substance named, gluten, which in turn produces a protein, named as zonulin, which is the main cause of leaky gut. The zonulin can break the intestine, at the toughest junctions, which causes the leaky gut syndrome.

Karen Brimeyer treatment

There are various symptoms of the leaky gut syndrome, and you should follow Karen Brimeyer program, who can help you with the best possible options to get rid of the trouble. Leaky gut is caused in most of the cases by toxins, and some other food items, which can cause allergic reactions in the body. Leaky gut can also be caused by alcohol, and consumption of ice cream, which is prepared from liquid nitrogen. If you find any symptoms, which are common in case of leaky gut, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Keep harmful food items away

Continuous intake of prescribed medicines and follow Karen Brimeyer program, it is the best way to get rid of the leaky gut syndrome, and depending upon the degree of the problem, it can get resolved within a few weeks, few months, or even after making you suffer for a number of years.

But, apart from consuming medicines, your doctor will ask you not to eat a number of food items, which are considered to opening the Pandora’s Box of troubles, in case of the leaky gut syndrome. You should definitely listen to your doctor, who will recommend the most efficient way to get rid of leaky gut, but here is the best way to get rid of leaky gut syndrome.

The treatment book

There are a number of food items, which are quite bad for leaky gut syndrome, as it has been already mentioned. But your doctor might not ask you not to consume some food items, while you might have the permission to eat the other food items. But most of the food items, which the doctors do not ask to stop eating, is because, it contain a number of important vitamins and nutrition, which are good for health.

Our leaky gut syndrome treatment book by Karen Brimeyer consists of all the food items, which you should not eat, and it also lists a number of food items, which should be consumed by you, in order to maintain the proper nutrition level in your body. Thus, if you want to get fit, in the minimum possible time, the leaky gut syndrome treatment book is something, which you should surely order.

The advantages of the Karen Brimeyer book

A number of tasty and delicious food items, which are delicious are prohibited, once you start suffering from leaky gut. But with the aid of the leaky gut syndrome treatment book, you can consume all kind of food items, even if the doctor asks you to eat them. The problem caused by consuming such kind of food items can easily be eradicated with the exercises, which are mentioned in the book, which you will purchase. Thus, the treatment book will keep you away from consuming only medicines, which can have a number of side-effects, and cause other problems in your body.

The best treatment tricks

There is one of the simplest tricks, which the doctors won’t tell you, in order to cure the problem of leaky gut. But, once you get hands on the book, you can find the best trick, which can reduce the problem of leaky gut in the minimum possible time. Thus, you will no longer have to suffer from the problem of leaky gut, and keep yourself away from all the best food items, which you always loved eating in your school or college days. Thus, the treatment mentioned in the book will help you cure the leaky gut syndrome, sitting within your bedroom, and not by getting admission to a hospital, for operation, or other purposes.

Get delicious recipes

If you are still not sure, whether you should consume the old delicious recipes, within the book, you will get a number of most delicious recipes, which do not have any negative effect on your gut, and thus, you can consume such food items without thinking twice. The recipes which are provided are quite easy to prepare, and in case you are a vegetarian, you can also get vegetarian recipes within the book. Thus, the book is something, which you should definitely have, in case you are suffering from the problem of leaky gut, and cannot find any way out.

The time to heal

Some extreme cases of leaky gut are quite difficult to treat, and in many cases, your doctor can fail to diagnose you, and in such cases, the leaky gut treatment book will surely help you to get out of the trouble. Though the book promises, you can get rid of the trouble within 6 months from starting the treatment, the time is a subject to vary depending upon the number of days you are suffering from leaky gut, and also on the intensity of the trouble.

Be patient

Thus, it is always requested that you have some patience. Many doctors might say, leaky gut is a problem which can never be eradicated completely, but with the help of the following treatment, it is possible to completely remove the trouble of leaky gut, such that you can get back to your daily life once again.

But, it is always advisable that you remain careful, and try to eradicate any kind of allergies, which can lead to the trouble of leaky gut. You should contact your doctor, who can help you with the process of getting rid of the allergies causing leaky gut.